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Drugs and substance misuse Alcohol Awareness


Tobacco and cannabis Auricular Acupuncture



Target audience

John's seminars are aimed at students, parent evenings, teachers, youth workers, social workers, job centre staff, law enforcement officers - anyone involved in working with people with substance misuse issues.

Mix and match seminar topics

Each seminar is designed to last a maximum of 1½ hours. These short and sharp sessions help to keep delegates focused and engaged throughout.

How many you choose is up to you. Prisoner 2 Professional can deliver individual seminar sessions; ½ day (3 hour) sessions; or full day (6 hour) sessions.

A-Z of Substance Misuse Awareness:  1½ hours
Alcohol 1½ hours
Auricular Acupuncture 1 hour
Cannabis 1½ hours
Cannabis and links between psychosis and schizophrenia 1 hour
Cocaine/crack 1½ hours
Contributing Criminogenic Variables Leading to an Anti-Social Lifestyle - Is there a solution? 1½ hours
Drugs and the Law 1½ hours
Drug Associated Definitions and routes of usage 1 hour
Heroin & other Opiates 1½ hours
Signs/symptoms of Substance Misuse 1 hour
Smoking Cessation 1½ hours
Gangs, drugs, knives and guns 1½ hours

In addition to the seminar guide times above, additional time for questions will be provided for each session.

Example costs and contacts for further information

Addiction Counselling Services

One-to-one or family counselling sessions

John will provide initial assessments, recommend treatment routes, liaise with General Practitioners and provide one-to-one and/or familial counselling in your private residences. All counselling services are strictly confidential.

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