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John and Sandy in Millhaven Maximum Security Institution early 1980's. Sandy was later shot and killed by a prison guard, who shot him from a guard tower during an altercation in the prison yard.John and friend lying on the grass

John and Stephen Reid, published author of Jack Rabbit Parole. Taken in the prison yard of Millhaven Maximum Security Prison, mid 1980's.
John and friend playing hockey

John with Hans in Millhaven Maximum Security Prison. Hans (R.I.P.) was one of Cabbagetown's toughest guys. He was a good friend to me, but a vicious enemy to many others!John with Hans

John and Jamaican posse member 'Java', taken in Millhaven Maximum Security Institution prison yard. John and friend in the back of a truck

John - with attitude!A young John displaying a rude hand gesture!

John and Al Parker in Warkworth Medium Security Prison in the mid 90s. John and Al served decades of time as friends in various prisons. Their friendship has stood the test of time!
John Hogan and Al Parker



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