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Today, John is older and wiser: he now channels his energy and passion into making others aware of the pitfalls around them...

Charis Bible College

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to attend a Men's Breakfast at Rugby Christian Fellowship where the guest speaker was Bob Barker. I so enjoyed Bob's message that morning that I felt led to forward him an email relaying to him how his message really spoke to my heart. After a few pleasantry email exchanges, Bob invited me to attend a seminar he was teaching the effective visual communication of the use of sketch boards in presenting the gospel at Charis Bible College in Walsall.

A couple of days prior to the actual event, Bob rang me and asked me if I would be willing to give my testimony before the group of brothers and sisters in Christ that would be in attendance. Of course I was only to happy to share how good God has been to me, and how much I love my Lord Jesus.

I was so blessed that day, not only from the warm reception from the seminar participants, but from participating in what to me was a new experience, and all the more special because of Bob's talent and love for the Lord.

For further information, see Bob Barker's web site:

John speaking at Charis Bible College

Concentration required

John presenting his gospel sketch book


The group at Charis Bible College



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