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Victor Bowers - PC, Northants Police

"In line with John's exceptional substance misuse knowledge was his incomparable ability to engage and captivate any audience. The feedback he received from professionals, members of the public and any other interested party was excellent without exception.

Approximately 12 months into the project John disclosed his past criminal history to me. To say the least, as a Police Officer I was shocked is a gross understatement, however, this ultimately did not detract from my respect for John, and I believe I have made a dear friend for life." Click here to view full reference...

Victor Bowers
P.C. # 613
Northants Police

Dr Arun Dhandayudham - Clinical Director/ Consultant in Addictions Psychiatry

"I have worked with John for over 3 years. In this time he has impressed me with his passion, his principles and his excellent speaking skills.

There is no doubt in my mind that John is a good speaker, who can draw on personal experience to make the substance misuse areas 'come alive' for people who do not know much about it."
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Dr Arun Dhandayudham
Clinical Director/Consultant in Addictions Psychiatry
Northamptonshire Drug and Alcohol Service
Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Dr Shebu Lukose - NHS Northamptonshire Drug and Alcohol Service

"Thank you for a very interesting and informative presentation to the psychiatric medical staff in May 2009. There was a varying range of experience with drug and alcohol issue in the room, but you were able to engage with us all quite successfully and cover a range of issues." Click here to view full reference...

Dr Shebu Lukose, Staff Grade, Addictions Psychiatry, Northamptonshire Drug and Alcohol Service

Maggie Gibson - e2e Teacher, Northampton College

"Mr John Hogan has a great talent for engaging and connecting with any audience he is delivering to . . . It is clear and apparent that John has a real passion for, and knowledge of, the subjects he  presents. This, coupled with his honesty and belief in people, is a rare and precious gift to find in a person. My learners appreciated John’s openness and this was reflected in all of the positive evaluation sheets and praise for John’s work.

I believe that John has the capability and skill to work with people who require extra support in life and need someone to believe in them. I have the utmost respect for John and hope that we will work together again in the future."
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Maggie Gibson
e2e Teacher
Northampton College


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