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Northampton College

Maggie Gibson - e2e Teacher, Northampton College

Mr John Hogan has a great talent for engaging and connecting with any audience he is delivering to. The learners on the e2e Programme can sometimes have difficulty concentrating and focusing, yet they were mesmerized by John and actively listened to what he was delivering.

It is clear and apparent that John has a real passion for, and knowledge of, the subjects he  presents. This, coupled with his honesty and belief in people, is a rare and precious gift to find in a person. My learners appreciated John’s openness and this was reflected in all of the positive evaluation sheets and praise for John’s work.

John has extensive knowledge of his subject area and coupled with his enthusiasm for positive change provides a fascinating and captivating experience.

I believe that John has made a real difference to my learners through enabling them to believe that they can make a positive change and giving them options. This was achieved through John’s ability to relate and build rapport with his audience.

I believe that John has the capability and skill to work with people who require extra support in life and need someone to believe in them. I have the utmost respect for John and hope that we will work together again in the future.


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    Educational qualifications; Special skills; Employment history; Volunteer experiences
    Job Centre Plus; Youth Service; NHS Primary Healthcare Trust; SMART UK Advisory Committee; Northamptonshire County Council
    Training courses; additional learning and skills