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Additional Courses

Additional Personal Professional Development courses attended (and facilitated) since returning to the UK in 2001

Conference on Crack and Cocaine – Midlands Meeting (C.O.C.A), Princess Marina Hospital, Professional Development Centre

This provided me, as a drugs worker, with support and information around the evolving issues of crack and cocaine rise in the UK. The conference was geared at raising awareness of the changing needs of the crack cocaine user through dissemination and networking to purchasers, providers and the public the issues surrounding crack cocaine use. This was inclusive of, and needed recognition of, such variables as the many cultural, social, religious, economic, and political factors that can affect such users.

Emergency First Aid Training Course – Forest House, Kettering

This training seminar provided a clear demonstration of the way in which basic cardio pulmonary resuscitation should be taught and is in line with the Resuscitation Council UK Guidelines 2000. The course also included instruction in the following areas:

  • Resuscitation

  •  Heart attack

  • Choking

  • Fractures

  • Wounds and bleeding

  • Burns and scalds

  • Shock

  • Causes of unconsciousness

  • Management of unconsciousness

  • Head to toe appraisal

Home Office Tackling Drugs Supply 2003 – Manchester

The Home Office highlighted best practices in tackling drug markets during this conference. The agenda covered areas of concern, namely, the nature of drug markets and developing strategies for their disruption, with clinical intervention for the clientele group left behind.

Seminars attended included:

  • Tackling crack houses

  • Drug markets

  • Environmental control

Alcohol Awareness – St. Mary’s Hospital, Kettering

This course covered information on the harmful effects of excessive alcohol use, the scale of the problem, recognition of the problem, attitudes and treatment options.

Drugs and Blood Borne Viruses – St. Mary’s Hospital, Kettering

This course was designed for those workers who are exposed to intravenous drug users. Topics covered included information on HIV and Hepatitis B and C. This increased my knowledge of dealing with the impact blood borne viruses can have on the drug using and regular community. I also gained insight into signposting intravenous drug users to specialist services.

Motivational Interviewing – Princess Marina Hospital, Professional Development Centre

This course highlighted the development of the motivational interviewing model and the principles on which it is based. It also covered the specific techniques that are utilised in motivational interviewing.

Drugs and Young People – St. Mary’s Hospital, Kettering

This course was designed to cover the prevalence of drug usage amongst young people and the possible interventions that participants can utilise in practice. It also included front line assessment profiling for poly substance misuse for young people.

Harm Reduction – Princess Marina Hospital, Professional Development Centre

This course covered harm reduction issues such as needle exchange, safer injecting, and prevention of initiation into injecting. It also covered an overview of overdose prevention.

Drugs and the Law – St. Mary’s Hospital, Kettering

This course covered Arrest Referral, Drug Treatment and Testing Orders, and the HOPE Project. It also dealt with referral systems and best practice in working together with drug users. Another one of the targets was learning the ability to effect early, appropriate interventions.

Condom Training – Time 2 Talk, Daventry

The course covered all aspects of condom training including; instruction on proper usage, the morning after pill, the 72 hour time frame for people to show up at a surgery or A&E for testing.

Group Wise Training – I.C.T. Northampton

The course was designed for first time users of the email system that is used throughout the County Council for Northamptonshire.

Auricular Acupuncture Training – S.M.A.R.T., Leamington Spa

I participated in this training course due to a service gap in provision for those young people who present to the Secure Unit that may be suffering from withdrawal symptoms from opiates. This complimentary treatment is Traditional Chinese Medicine and is known in the UK as the ‘5 Detox Points’. This treatment is also beneficial for stress, insomnia, anxiety, and a lack of energy.

Working With Young People – Developing a Good Practice – St. Mary’s Hospital, Kettering

This course was designed to bring together various practitioners who work for the betterment of treatment for young people. The aim of the course was to develop appropriate methodologies and best practice protocol.

Annual S.M.A.R.T. Conference – Auricular Acupuncture – The Heritage Motor Museum, Gaydon

Once each year the membership of S.M.A.R.T. is invited to a conference to listen to the latest inroads that this complimentary treatment has made in the previous year. Each year the management/training staff of S.MA.R.T. also provide the opportunity for graduates of their training to undergo supervision concerning pointification for the 5 detox points.

I was invited to be a guest speaker at this conference, specifically to talk about my usage of auricular acupuncture in the ambiance that I work within. Following this conference, I was invited to join the S.M.A.R.T. UK ADVISORY COMMITTEE

Professional Development Training for RSW’s/Foster Carers in Northamptonshire – County Supplies

I took the place of the usual training development officer for C.A.N. and delivered a full day of Substance Misuse Training covering all aspects of this area.

Substance Misuse Training - Northampton College/University (Co-ordinator: Lesley Best)

I delivered a Substance Misuse training/information package for students at Northampton College/University. These sessions were 2 hours in length and covered the A-Z of this field.

Smoking Cessation Workshop – Daventry & South Northants P.C.T.-sponsored - D&SN Surgery, Daventry (Trainer: Shelley Mason)

This was an excellent workshop aimed at training professionals to deliver smoking cessation workshops in Northamptonshire. The information was evidentiary, up to date, and very relevant to young people.

Motivational Interviewing – Advanced Course – C.A.N. HQ. (Trainer: John Brotherton)

This course was for those participants that had successfully completed the introductory course for motivational interviewing. The focal point was on picking up from where the initial course left off, that is, further instruction on engaging your client. Specifically, the facilitator dealt at length with intervention techniques with difficult clients, and how the practitioner must roll with the client in order to fully engage.

Northamptonshire Area Child Protection Committee – Child Protection Training – Northampton County Cricket Club (Trainer: Angie Bartoli)

This workshop was targeted at those professionals that are working with vulnerable young people. The focus included:

  • Understanding of a professional’s role and responsibility in child protection conferences

  • Understanding the purpose of the Child Protection Conferences

  • Gaining understanding of what to expect at a Child Protection Conference

  • Working in partnership with families and other carers

  • Contributing and making recommendations at Child Protection Conferences

  • Understanding the risk analysis for determining the criteria for registration

  • Understanding the purpose and your role in the Child Protection Plan and Core Groups

Group Work Training – Group Skills Course – C.A.N.

These sessions were intended to introduce any employee of C.A.N. that is, or may be getting involved in the group work dynamic, to enhance their skill base and understanding of this area. The focus included:

  • Why we use group work

  • Identifying the various roles that clients take on within the group dynamic

  • Single and co-facilitation and leadership styles

  • Planning and preparation for sessions

  • Managing difficult behaviour

Young People Who Sexually Harm Others – Pivotal Training Centre, Wellingborough

This was a course facilitated by the Matrics Team, who specialise in dealing with young people that are sexual abusers. We discussed issues that feed our values and beliefs in this area, reasons why young people sexually harm others, and the differences between adult and adolescent offenders.

Training the Trainers Course – C.A.N. HQ.

This was a course offered by C.A.N. and dealt with all facets of preparing for, and delivering a training seminar. Variables discussed included:

  • Stakeholders points of view and needs

  • Learning styles

  • Icebreakers

  • Facilitator styles

  • Leadership behaviour

  • Co-working – both the benefits and possible disadvantages

  • Group development stages

  • Planning and shaping presentations

  • Evaluation

Personal Safety Training – Hunsbury Hill Centre

Steven Orchard, who is the Manager of St. John’s House, and a qualified Personal Safety Trainer, facilitated a half-day workshop for the staff at the Centre for Health. The course focused on a defensive mode of handling any volatile situations involving the young people in our care.

Working With Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse – C.A.N. HQ.

John Brennan and Marilyn Mardo facilitated this two-day course offered through C.A.N. The course focused on statistics and prevalence, definitions, exploring the short and long-term effects of sexual abuse, how the effects of sexual abuse relate to men and women, diagnostic factors, various theories, and the process of therapy, disclosure and how to handle it, taking care of yourself as a worker dealing with this field.

Control and Restraint Training – Cripps Recreation Centre, Northampton

Because I worked within a secure unit environment, it was identified that I would benefit from participating in the Control and Restraint training that is a necessary part of each new employee’s orientation. This course was facilitated by two staff members from St. John’s Secure Unit, both fully certified as trainers. The course concentrated on break away manoeuvres, chokes, strangles, floor work, proper techniques, not focusing on pain compliance rather on talking down the situation in a protective manner.



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