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A remarkable life of learning…


Today John Hogan holds a BA Sociology, a certificate in Social Work, two specialist diplomas in the field of substance misuse, and is a respected, insightful and passionate speaker, with real-life experience of his specialist subjects; however, this wasn’t always the case…

  • As a young adult, John was a member of two organised and ruthless criminal ‘crews’ involved with the importation and distribution of cocaine, phencyclidine, L.S.D. and cannabis.

  • John’s deviant lifestyle choices, accompanied by a 20-year drug addiction, ultimately led to him being the main perpetrator in a gangland slaying as part of his role as enforcer in a criminal gang.

  • The Canadian Law Courts sentenced John to the most severe punishment available under Canadian Law – 25 years’ incarceration before being considered eligible for parole.

  • John received a four-year reduction to his sentence for good behaviour at the Judicial Review hearing following 16 years’ imprisonment.

  • In total, John spent 24 years incarcerated in the Canadian Correctional/Penal System.

But John did not give himself up to a life of crime and convictions, instead he put his incarcerated time to productive use and completed his BA in Sociology with a minor in Social Work, plus certificates in Addictions Studies and Addictions Carework – a real achievement when you consider that less than 1% of convicted prisoners in Canada or the United Kingdom graduate with a university degree. 

In 2001, John was deported to the United Kingdom and put his unique knowledge and experience to use helping young people and adults with substance misuse issues, and has been working in the professional field since 2002.

And so, the story continues...


John Hogan - Prisoner2Professional - offers:

...aimed at students, teachers, parent evenings, youth workers, social workers, medical professionals, job centre staff, law enforcement officers - anyone involved in working with people with substance misuse issues.

"In line with John's exceptional substance misuse knowledge was his incomparable ability to engage and captivate any audience. The feedback he received from professionals, members of the public and any other interested party was excellent without exception.

Approximately 12 months into the project John disclosed his past criminal history to me. To say the least, as a Police Officer I was shocked is a gross understatement, however, this ultimately did not detract from my respect for John, and I believe I have made a dear friend for life."


Victor Bowers
P.C. # 613
Northants Police

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From hardened prisoner...

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John today

...with academic grounding

BA General Sociology



Minor in General Social Work Certificate


"I have worked with John for over 3 years. In this time he has impressed me with his passion, his principles and his excellent speaking skills.

There is no doubt in my mind that John is a good speaker, who can draw on personal experience to make the substance misuse areas “come alive” for people who do not know much about it."


Dr Arun Dhandayudham
Clinical Director/Consultant in Addictions Psychiatry, Northamptonshire Drug and Alcohol Service, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Trust